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what once was lost, now is found

Our global promise

At Prosthetic Promises, we have taken up a global mission to help people in a rural area of Zambia by providing prosthetic and ocular prosthetic services. With your donations, we are able to give these people a new lease on life with prosthetic limbs and ocular prosthetics.

Every dollar given to Prosthetic Promises is used to for our mission. The money is used to purchase equipment and secure transportation around the globe.

Spread the word about Prosthetic Promises by sharing our story with your friends and family.  Check out more specific ways to help on our GET INVOLVED page.

Our mission is to build, repair and restore faith through prosthetics that are manufactured in developing countries, such as Belize, Mexico and Zambia.

PPIHN 2020 Update

PPIHN 2020 Update

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